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Judicial Branch

Introduction Supreme Court The Justices Dealing with Segregation


Books & Reading

Books & Reading

Supreme Court The Justices Dealing with Segregation

The Supreme Court

Uncle Sam, the word spy, wants you to take a minute and test your knowledge.

Match the word(s) in the left-hand column to complete the questions or statements in the right-hand column. Check your answers.

judicial philosophy A. How many of the justices on the current Supreme Court are women?
One B. The first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court was who?
John Jay C. There are how many justices on the Supreme Court?
Briefs D. To evaluate a Supreme Court nominee properly, the president and the Senate should most consider the __________ of the nominee.
Nine E. Written arguments submitted to the Supreme Court that contain facts and legal issues.

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Originally there were five Associates Justices and a Chief Justice. In 1801 to 1869, Congress changed this number to seven Associate Justices. There are now eight Associate Justices and one Chief Justice, all nominated by the president, and then confirmed by the Senate.

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