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Quiz #3

How much do you know?

1. The Supreme Court has the authority to determine which of the following are unconstitutional?

a) A federal law enacted by Congress
b) The decision of a state supreme court
c) An action of the president
d) All of the above

2. Women achieved the right to vote with the passage of the _________ Amendment.

a) Twenty-Sixth
b) Fifteenth
c) Thirteenth
d) Nineteenth

3. If no presidential candidate earns a majority of electoral votes, the __________ chooses among the top three candidates.

a) Senate
b) electoral college
c) House of Representatives
d) Supreme Court

4. All national elections in the United States use the __________ system.

a) plurality vote
b) majority vote
c) electoral college
d) "picking names out of a hat"

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