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Introduction Supreme Court The Justices Dealing with Segregation


Books & Reading

Books & Reading

Supreme Court The Justices Dealing with Segregation

The Supreme Court

Brown v. Board of Education
Word search. Find the words listed about the Brown v. Board of Education Supreme Court case of 1954.

Brown v. Board of Education
Matching quiz related to Brown v. Board of Education, desegregation, or civil rights.

Congress - Courts Keeping the Balance
Information and questions about Congress and the Supreme Court.

FantasySCOTUS: The Premier Supreme Court Fantasy League
FantasySCOTUS is brought to you by the Harlan Institute -- The Harlan Institute’s mission is to bring a stylized law school experience into the high school classroom to ensure that our next generation of leaders has a proper understanding of our most fundamental laws. By utilizing the expertise of leading legal scholars and the interactivity of online games, Harlan will introduce students to our Constitution, the cases of the United States Supreme Court, and our system of justice. Harlan’s long term strategic goal is to develop condensed law school courses that can be taught at no cost in high schools across the country using engaging online programs.

The Federal Courts in American Government
Lesson Plan - Presented in PDF format, this lesson presents a structural framework for students to think about how the judiciary affects government and the public, and how government and the public affect the judiciary.

Find Equal Protection Under the Law

WebQuest - Have you ever wondered how the United States Supreme Court makes its decisions? You are about to become a Supreme Court justice, entrusted with the power to make the final decision upon a contraversial case. Your opinion will become law in this country.

Government Lesson Plans - Lesson Plan 9

Lesson Plan - Use this lesson as an introduction to civil and criminal proceedings. Compare the steps of a criminal case and a civil case and analyze the differences in standards of proof in legal cases.

Here Comes the Judge
This is a lesson designed to aid fourth and fifth graders in "owning" and taking responsibility for their actions. Students will be chosen for roles as the judge, defense and prosecuting attorneys, the defendant, and witnesses. Three different cases will be presented. The remaining classmates will serve as the jury.

Independence of the Judiciary


The Judicial Branch

Information and fill-in-the-blank questions about the judicial branch.

The Judicial Branch

Printable fill-in-the-blank worksheet about the judicial branch.

Landmark Supreme Court Cases

10 interactive multiple-choice questions.

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Originally there were five Associates Justices and a Chief Justice. In 1801 to 1869, Congress changed this number to seven Associate Justices. There are now eight Associate Justices and one Chief Justice, all nominated by the president, and then confirmed by the Senate.

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