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Books & Reading

Books & Reading

Meet President Barack Obama's Team

Impeachment President and Congress The President President's Job, Part I President's Job, Part II President's Cabinet President Has Fun

The President's Cabinet

Advising the President: A Simulated Cabinet Meeting
WebQuest - "Washington, D.C. is an extremely competitive, political town and you must work hard to keep your agency an important part of government. It's the beginning of the legislative calendar and you must compete with other agencies and departments for a part of the budget and a high profile emphasis from the president. It is through his "bully pulpit" that you will garner support for the needs and programs of your department with Congress during the next year. It's up to you, as agency chief, to identify a pressing curent issue before your department/post and prepare an option paper or presentation for the president."

All the President's Men and Women's%20Men%20and%20Women

Lesson Plan - Participate in a Web Exploration to learn about the government departments whose leaders comprise the presidential cabinet.

Cabinet Department Presentation

Internet group tasks.

Cabinet Maker
Choose a cabinet position to see Congressional Quarterly’s potential appointees in an Obama administration. Drag your pick to the table and it will snap to the correct position. Change your mind? Just click on another candidate. Click "Submit" to have your picks counted. CQ will give you a link to share your cabinet selections by e-mail. Want more info? Click on names and cabinet position labels for descriptions.

A Cabinet Meeting

A simulation activity.

The President's Cabinet - Who are the Secretaries?

Information and task finding the names of each of the current secretaries.

What's What in the Executive Branch
Learn what five of the most important people in the Executive Branch do for our government.  Drag the job descriptions to the positions where they fit best.

Why Does the President Need a Cabinet?

Information and tasks related to the president's cabinet.

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Did you know James Madison of Virginia was responsible for proposing the resolution to
create the various Cabinet positions within the Executive Branch?

Surf with Uncle Sam
Surf with Uncle Sam

Word Spy
Word Spy

Projects You Can Do

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