Political Parties

Fill in the blanks and answers the multiple choice questions below. See how many you can get correct. Good luck!

1. What is the name of one of the major political parties in the United States?


2. The smaller political parties are usually called _____ parties.


3. People who don't want to register as a member of a political party can register as _____.


4. Do people who are registered as members of a political party always have to vote for that party's candidates?


5. Name three things that active party members do during a campaign to get votes for their candidate.

  A  Work in party's headquarters

  B  Call neighbors

  C  Drive people to polling places

  D  All of the above

6. Why was George Washington opposed to political parties?

   A He believed that political parties would spend too much money.

   B He feared that they would divide the nation and kindle animosity.

   C He knew that France's political parties were corrupt.

   D He thought that political parties would prevent women from gaining the right to vote.

7. The Democractic party grew out of Thomas Jefferson's Democratic-Republican party. Find out how and when the Republican party began. Describe its origin.


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