Conventions: The Delegates and Candidates

1. The delegates and candidates at a nominating convention are all from the same __________.


2. What are the two most important decisions made at a national nominating convention?


3. Minnesota has two senators and eight representatives. If the Republican candidate does not win the majority of votes in the state in the last election, how many regular delegates can Minnesota send to the next Republican convention?


4. National nominating conventions are sometimes referred to as the biggest rallies of the campaign. In your opinion, should the nomination of presidential candidates be more solemn and formal. Explain why or why not.


5. Modern conventions are not as raucous as they once were. Explain why you think convention delegates behave less wildly that they once did.


6. What is the minimum number of delegates the Republican and Democratic parties in your state will be able to send to their next national nominating conventions? Which party will be able to send bonus delegates?

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