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Working to Keep Your Freedom

"Only our individual faith in freedom can keep us free."

Dwight D. Eisenhower

Understanding how our government was formed and how it functions isn't the only thing we need to learn.  We need to explore some things that you can do to make our government better and to help it serve all Americans.

Some Americans think because they were born free, they will remain free.  Many people take their freedom for granted, but freedom requires good citizenship.  Citizens of a free nation who refuse to accept their responsibilities as citizens risk losing their freedom to a small self–interested group who make take control. 

This section will explore some things that you can do to carry out your responsibilities as a citizen in this country.

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The concept of democracy for all the world is not owned by the right or the left, Republican or Democrat, but by everyone who desires freedom, human rights, and peace for the world.

*Citizenship section select ideas derived from Citizenship, Learning to Live as Responsible Citizens, published by Good Apple, Inc.

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