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What is Citizenship? Attitudes and Actions Responsible Citizenship Communicating Keeping Freedom What Do You Think?


Read through the following list of behaviors and think about which ones would no longer be necessary if you were the only person left on earth. Complete the attached worksheet by putting a X in the check box next to the behavior and explain your reason for selecting the behavior in the text box that follows.

Behavior #1: Keeping quiet after 10 p.m.

Behavior #2: Keeping the streets, rivers, and oceans free of litter.

Behavior #3: Not trespassing.

Behavior #4: Catching a limit of three fish a day.

Behavior #5: Keeping healthy and fit.

Behavior #6: Stopping at all stop signs and red lights.

Discussion Idea: Let's pretend you dropped an aluminum garbage can on your driveway after midnight, making a lot of noise. As a group, discuss if something like this is essentially "wrong" if only you exist on earth.


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There is a great difference between being lonely and being alone.

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