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Introduction Supreme Court The Justices Dealing with Segregation


Books & Reading

Books & Reading

Supreme Court The Justices Dealing with Segregation

The Supreme Court

Marshall, the Courthouse Mouse: A Tail of the U.S. Supreme Court
by Cheryl Shaw Barnes (Illustrator) Peter W. Barnes (Illustrator)

The U.S. Supreme Court (Cornerstones of Freedom. Second Series)
by Dan Elish

The U.S. Supreme Court (Let's See Library - Our Nation series)
by Murphy and Patricia J.

U.S. Supreme Court Coloring and Activity Book
by Jenny B. Davis

The U.S. Supreme Court (Graphic Library, Cartoon Nation)
by Fingeroth and Danny

The U.S. Supreme Court (American Symbols)
by Suen, Anastasia, Skeens, and Matthew

The U.S. Supreme Court (Opposing Viewpoints)
by Margaret Haerens

William H. Rehnquist: Chief Justice Of The U.S. Supreme Court (Ferguson Career Biographies)
by Scott Cameron

The Supreme Court (The U.S. Government: How It Works)
by Heather Lehr Wagner

The U. S. Supreme Court (Magill's Choice)
by Thomas Tandy Lewis

The U.S. Supreme Court (Our Government)
by Muriel L. Dubois

A Reference Guide to the United States Supreme Court
by Richard S. Kay, Stephen P. Elliott, Robert C. Khayat, and James W. Zirkle

U.S. v. Eichman: Flag Burning and Free Speech (Supreme Court Milestones)
by Ron Fridell

U.S. v. Nixon: The Limits of Presidential Privilege (Supreme Court Milestones)
by Rebecca Stefoff

The Justices of the United States Supreme Court: Their Lives and Major Opinions (Justices of the Supreme Court) Volumes I-V
by Leon Friedman and Fred L. Israel

Griswold V. Connecticut: Contraception and the Right of Privacy (Historic Supreme Court Cases)
by Susan C. Wawrose

The Supreme Court, Justice, and the Law
by Inc. Congressional Quarterly

The Supreme Court (Know Your Government)
by Leon Friedman

Supreme Court: A First Book
by Harold Coy and Lorna Greenberg

Supreme Court Justices: A Biographical Dictionary (Facts on File Library of American History)
by Timothy L. Hall

Student Companions to American Government: 3 Volume Set: Presidency of the United States, Congress of the United States, and Supreme Court of the United States
by John J. Patrick, Richard M. Pious, and Donald A. Ritchie

Supreme Court Economic Review
by Peter H. Aranson

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Originally there were five Associates Justices and a Chief Justice. In 1801 to 1869, Congress changed this number to seven Associate Justices. There are now eight Associate Justices and one Chief Justice, all nominated by the president, and then confirmed by the Senate.

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